I'm heading to Japan! For two months I'll explore, relax and make a new body of work. It'll be great to switch off and mindlessly wonder again. First stop, Tokyo.

Out now - Issue 7862

Check out my work and interview with Sophie Wright (pg.28-29), Jack Minto (pg.31) and the one and only Ollie Hayward (pg.86). You can find a copy in any artistic bookshop or photography gallery.

FR Award 2017

Last night was incredible! Thank you so much to Free Range for choosing me as the Winner of FR Awards 2017, Photography Week One. The whole event was amazing and exhibiting with BRIK Collective was an utter privilege. Congratulations to Emily Bitcon and Sam Goodridge as runners up - amazing work guys.

CCA Galleries International Summer Show 2017

Excited to say my work was selected by Bruce McLean and other judges for the CCA Galleries International Summer Show 2017. The gallery regularly exhibits artists such as Damien Hirst and Sir Peter Blake. I'll be exhibiting work from my new series Aurelian. The show opens on 30th June running until the 31st July. Please come and take a look. 



10 Young, Emerging & Established Photographers Still Using Film

Included on The British Journal of Photography's list of 10 photographers still using film. 

Why film? 

"For my particular process it is essential to shoot on film. In my conceptual practice I am very interested in materiality—harnessing the impact of atmospheric changes and mistakes on the emulsion—by doing so, through the very physicality of the medium, I can explore the literal and figurative transferral of one ‘space’ into another. With particular reference to this work, I employed degraded and unused analogue film from my travels in Africa. This aspect further supports the notion of transference. A digital camera can never hold this conceptual resonance; film is a physical, tangible and often fragile object. For me, it will always be unique." - Alexander Mourant. 



Article on Geographical Magazine

RAW TRUTH: PLASTIC – A Journey from Source to Solution.

"Through this method – as well as using the footage and photography captured during the journey by photographic artist Alexander Mourant – the goal was to display how the problem of plastic pollution, along with the environmental issues caused by its disposal into water systems, has spread far from the high income countries where it started and is now infiltrating its way into the lives of people in some of the most remote parts of the world."


Interview with Falmouth University

How has this experience in Africa influenced you and your work?

This project has forever influenced my way of viewing the world. En route, I continually consumed books, informed by literature; Thoreau, Bach, Conrad, Blixen, Gallmann and Hemingway. All of these authors engaged and helped me contemplate the ever shifting cultural and geographical landscape we encountered. Since returning from Africa, it is thoroughly curious to witness my shifting interests as a practitioner; most notably, my disinterest in producing documentarian type imagery.

My current work acts as an abstract response to experience, mainly drawing from my time in Africa. In a sense, each photograph and sculptural piece is autobiographical, helping to decode the fabric of space, essentially how 'here' and 'there' is in a perpetual dialogue. The work can be seen as an initial investigation into the metaphysical potential of photography. I find this aspect of photography very fascinating.


Alexander Mourant-RGS-12.jpg

Exhibition now open at Royal Geographical Society

RAW Truth exhibition with Andy Hughes MA RCA and Alexander Mourant for RAW Foundation. Open till the 14th June at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), London. 

Please come and visit! 

RAW Talks: Plastic is a VIP evening with a series of talks and panel discussions + exhibition private view, 31st May. Tickets are still available (but selling fast): 


Alexander Mourant-Installation photographs-13.jpg

PhotoVoice complete articles

"Alexander Mourant, photographer and participant on RAW Foundation’s journey through Africa, November 2015 – March 2016, talks about using photography to create awareness, social change and important solutions to single-use plastic waste. This is a five part series which will chart the progress of Alexander’s project."

You can read them all online through these links: 

PhotoVoice, 'Reaching Cape Point.' 2016.

PhotoVoice, 'Masai: Africa's Plastic Footprint.' 2016.

PhotoVoice, 'Ethiopia & Kenya.' 2015.

PhotoVoice, 'Sudan: Africa's Plastic Footprint.' 2015.

PhotoVoice, 'Cairo to Cape Town: Africa's Plastic Footprint.' 2015.