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"Alexander Mourant, photographer and participant on RAW Foundation’s journey through Africa, November 2015 – March 2016, talks about using photography to create awareness, social change and important solutions to single-use plastic waste. This is a five part series which will chart the progress of Alexander’s project."

You can read them all online through these links: 

PhotoVoice, 'Reaching Cape Point.' 2016.

PhotoVoice, 'Masai: Africa's Plastic Footprint.' 2016.

PhotoVoice, 'Ethiopia & Kenya.' 2015.

PhotoVoice, 'Sudan: Africa's Plastic Footprint.' 2015.

PhotoVoice, 'Cairo to Cape Town: Africa's Plastic Footprint.' 2015.

National Council for Voluntary Organisations and PhotoVoice Photography Prize

The national competition challenged NCVO member organisations to submit images that captured the connections that charities create every day; whether that is a connection between people, a connection to a cause or connection through action. The competition received over 80 entries capturing these connections across a wide range of subjects and organisations.

The images were judged in two categories. The volunteer and staff member category was won by William Barylo of Light Inc. for his image of three women attending a project for survivors of acid-attacks in India. The professional photographer category was won by Daniel Regan for Alopecia UK with a striking portrait, Jen, of a woman affected by Alopecia. The runners-up were Andrew Aitchison for Prison Advice and Care Trust, with his image of the moment a father is reunited with his son after release from prison, and Lewis Rose for Murray Hall Trust, with his self-portrait Connection through sharing of ideas.

The annual competition is now in its sixth year and is run by NCVO in partnership with PhotoVoice, an award winning organisation who promote the ethical use of photography to create positive change. 18 images were shortlisted by NCVO and PhotoVoice, and the winners were decided by a panel of judges including Sir Martyn Lewis, NCVO chair, Tom Elkins, CEO of PhotoVoice, Derek Momodu, Associate Picture Editor at the Daily Mirror, and Laura Pannack, an award winning photographer.

The shortlisted and winning images were exhibited at NCVO's Annual Conference and will be displayed in the entrance to NCVO's building for the entire year. 

My shortlisted image was Samburu Warriors, Milgis Camp, Kenya photographed for Realising Another World (RAW) Foundation.

"An awareness talk given by RAW Foundation created flourishing new friendships between scouts, tribesmen and Milgis Trust in nomadic Kenya. We discussed the dangers of plastics, critically highlighting the environment and pollution. Connections were established afterwards between all parties, who together, endeavour to become plastic free and spread knowledge."

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Exciting to see the rolls you've been shot over last 4 months, in extreme heat, cold and humidity appearing with some great colours. Many thanks Artful Dodgers.  


Third guest blog for PhotoVoice

"Alexander Mourant gives us the third in a five-part series on his experiences on the RAW Foundation’s journey through Africa. In Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia Alexander meets with the Head of Office of the Mayor and Cabinet Affairs and is given access to Addis’ first landfill site. Centrally located and home to thousands of “scavengers” Alexander gives us the raw reality of the quantity of waste and the reflection that has on our global society.

Traveling through to Kenya the RAW Foundation is given the opportunity to deliver an awareness and education talk to scouts at the Milgis Trust. The talk provided a want and a need in local people to share the dangers of plastic waste with their families. As knowledge is passed on there is a hope that conditions will improve and Alexander ends with a line of positivity and acknowledgment of Africa’s beautiful landscape."

“There are many travellers, authors, poets and artists who romanticise Africa on its landscape. I’ve discovered for myself this continent does indeed hold an aura, an ability to produce a renewed sense of self – there’s something in the air.” - Me

Second Guest blog on Sudan for PhotoVoice

"Humour me as I started to imagine an ideal scenario, if attitudes were to shift with Government (as it’s begun with the people) a grand social change could be on the horizon. Picture a nation whose key to a renewed social perception was born through that which previously shackled. Photography, if embraced further, could prove a champion in bringing forth a new understanding, a sense of place and identity for the people of Sudan, and for the people of the world to see the culture, the beauty, of a previously hidden and sanctioned country."

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