Third guest blog for PhotoVoice

"Alexander Mourant gives us the third in a five-part series on his experiences on the RAW Foundation’s journey through Africa. In Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia Alexander meets with the Head of Office of the Mayor and Cabinet Affairs and is given access to Addis’ first landfill site. Centrally located and home to thousands of “scavengers” Alexander gives us the raw reality of the quantity of waste and the reflection that has on our global society.

Traveling through to Kenya the RAW Foundation is given the opportunity to deliver an awareness and education talk to scouts at the Milgis Trust. The talk provided a want and a need in local people to share the dangers of plastic waste with their families. As knowledge is passed on there is a hope that conditions will improve and Alexander ends with a line of positivity and acknowledgment of Africa’s beautiful landscape."

“There are many travellers, authors, poets and artists who romanticise Africa on its landscape. I’ve discovered for myself this continent does indeed hold an aura, an ability to produce a renewed sense of self – there’s something in the air.” - Me