Interview with Falmouth University

How has this experience in Africa influenced you and your work?

This project has forever influenced my way of viewing the world. En route, I continually consumed books, informed by literature; Thoreau, Bach, Conrad, Blixen, Gallmann and Hemingway. All of these authors engaged and helped me contemplate the ever shifting cultural and geographical landscape we encountered. Since returning from Africa, it is thoroughly curious to witness my shifting interests as a practitioner; most notably, my disinterest in producing documentarian type imagery.

My current work acts as an abstract response to experience, mainly drawing from my time in Africa. In a sense, each photograph and sculptural piece is autobiographical, helping to decode the fabric of space, essentially how 'here' and 'there' is in a perpetual dialogue. The work can be seen as an initial investigation into the metaphysical potential of photography. I find this aspect of photography very fascinating.


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